Ocean's Community

HydnaWorld is a community for the people and organizations dedicated to improve our oceans.

Join us in reconnecting the world to what maters the most: Ocean!

Virtual ocean?

We are building HydnaWorld to create unique underwater immersive experiences, combined with the wisdom of world renowned experts within science, diving and literacy.

Hydna is a decentralised virtual space, where you can visit the oceans, hang out, create, showcase, learn, play and much more.


The Ocean

- covers 70%       of our planet

- provides 80% of our oxygen

- regulates our climate

Truly connecting with the creatures of the ocean without getting wet was impossible

- until artificial intelligence and agumented reality bloomed

- Founders / HydnaWorld

The Founders

The vision of HydnaWorld was inspired by three watermen: Andreas B. Heide Arctic explorer, Helge Lovskar freediving author and champion freediver and Fabrice Schnoller VR moviemaker and marine biologist.

HydnaWorld is expanding - and there are many new creators, developers, entertainers, artists and scientists to come.