About Hydna World

Imagine a new world

Our Vision

Create an immersive community using mixed reality to create a meetingpoint for people, projects and organizations. A digital world that collates ocean knowledge, expands social networks, spreading awareness and ideas.

Virtual World

A virtual world is a place in a metaverse. You use your computer, cellphone or VR-goggles to submerge into a landscape that resembles a physical location. The surroundings are made up of 3D models which creates a unique atmosphere. This is a place you can meet your friends (or new ones?), share and display your work and ideas, increase your network or just play around in the landscape. 

Our Values

The ocean is a source of life, and we must protect it for the sake of future generations. The ocean is a fragile ecosystem, and every small action we take to protect it can make a big difference. The ocean is not just a resource, it is a living entity that deserves our respect and protection. Hydna World is a place where everyone can feel welcome. It is a safe place and a source of inspiration, motivation and dialogues rather than a battle ground for propaganda and advarsaries. 

Meet the Founders

We are watermen, spending thousands of hours underwater to meet the ocean people, and we want to share it with everyone to help the necessary changes for a better future.

The vision of HydnaWorld was inspired by three watermen: Andreas B. Heide Arctic explorer, Helge Lovskar freediving author and champion freediver and Fabrice Schnoller VR moviemaker and marine biologist.


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How it works

How it works